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"Kelly is the best!  I was lucky enough to meet her while walking my dog at Buena Vista Park, my little

girl immediately fell in love with her and we waited patiently for a spot to open with her walking group.

My girl has been on three walks now, I know she is having a great time.  Kelly sends links to video's of the dogs playing and emails on how she did.  I couldn't be happier or feel better about my dogs time spent with Kelly - my dog absolutely adores her and the other dogs in the group."  Thank you Kelly!

Teresa Rice



Kelly is a total pro and a complete lifesaver, great with both the pets AND their owners (me), which is a stark difference from previous walkers i've used in the past.  She walked / watched my puppies and cats on a regular basis for nearly a year and, while one of my little dogs is a total handful, the only issue i ever had was the fact that she does such a great job that it reminded me of how much better a pet parent i can be...  (trips to the beach, regular training, loads of patience and love, etc)

J. Spinale


Vida is my 4.5 year old English Bulldog. I got her when she was 5 months old and from the very start she has been a very athletic bulldog. She really needs the exercise and socialization that Kelly's play group provides. Vida has made friends with the other dogs in the pack and looks forward to playing with them every week. She has a BFF in the pack and another dog who has a crush on her and sneaks her kisses. I know all of this because Kelly tells me in the journal we keep at my house. Everyday after Kelly drops off Vida she tells me about the happenings of their day. I really look forward to those daily recaps! Once I get home from work Vida is very happy to see me, but also very tired from all of the running at Crissy Field, Buena Vista park, Ocean Beach, or any of the other amazing places Kelly has on her list of "must sees". Vida gets quite the workout and proceeds to let me know by snoring heavily throughout the night ;)

I recommend Kelly as the best care taker Vida has ever had (better than family even since she knows a lot about dogs, their needs and their behaviors). I've had Kelly watch Vida over night while I've been on vacation and my mind was completely at ease. She can send you emails and texts with updates on how your dog is doing and it really brings peace of mind.

Jessica Vanden Heuvel



"Kelly Martinez has been the solely responsible caretaker for my two French Bulldogs for over the last 6 months and has done

an amazing job not only caring for the dogs, but also keeping me informed regarding their needs, setbacks and successes

throughout that time. She always goes the extra mile, to the point

of even sending me pictures and updates throughout the week which really brighten my days.

The dogs' dispositions are improved, their physiques are improved and extremely fit, they are

happy and well socialized, disciplined, and well taken care of animals (who are the love of my life).

Kelly has been responsible for all training, handling all their exercise and play needs, handling medical

and upkeep appointments, and feeding and boarding when needed (which was frequent - at least monthly

if not more). She is extremely reliable for the scheduled items and is flexible and willing when the (frequent) random

last minute situation pops up with boarding needs or a vet visit for example. She is eternally sunny and genuinely enjoys the work.

Additionally, one of the dogs has special needs and is fear aggressive. Diesel went to Kelly in great need

of training, not just care. And though not actually part of her hired job, while in her care his behavior has vastly improved

and he is a much more happy and socialized dog. He still has his quirks, but they are

nothing compared to what they were when Kelly started with him. With all her care, unconditional love

and patience, he's made great strides through the trauma that pushed him into that fear aggression in

the first place. What's most important is that my dogs love and trust her implicitly as do I and I feel

100% confident in recommending her to anyone who might ask."

Best regards,
Amanda Crosby "Diesel and Lily's" Mom


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